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Short Hair Styles
While short hair is not quite as versatile as long hair, there are still many, many options for creating your own look. One of the joys of short hair is that it takes virtually no time to wash and dry, making it ideal for anyone with a hectic lifestyle. You can literally shower and style and be out the door in minutes! From cropped layers to bobs, the stylists at Barron's London Salon have done it all!

Varying the styling product you use can alter the look of your short hair cut. Choose a serum or cream for a glossy, high shine effect or try a matte wax or salt spray for a more textured, tousled finish. Additionally, keep your short hair style bouncy and healthy looking by shifting product build-up and pollutants with a deep-cleansing shampoo. Use once or twice a week and follow with a light conditioner to detangle and smooth.

If your hair is too short to secure an updo, try pinning up the back sections and leaving the front loose. It looks ultra-modern and the sections which frame the face can be very flattering. To add interest to your short hair, add an accessory or two. Twist a few sections at the front and secure with decorative grips or pins, or add an oversized flower over one ear.

To create a bed head style that is wash-and-wear simple, rub a dollop of volumizing mousse on damp strands before blow drying with diffuser attachment. For additional height, try tousling strands while drying for a fuller effect. Use gel-coated fingertips to define and maneuver your short hair. Define the tips of your short hair with pomade-coated fingertips and mist hair with flexible-hold hair spray to set.

A more on the edge look can be found in a chunky crop that uses bangs and jagged layers to create height and dimension. Shaggy strands at the back can be stacked upon one another the give your short hair a bi-level look while remaining sleek. Side swept bangs should be kept in place with a bit of styling gel for a smooth finish.

Short hair with longer layers can be bold and feisty without sacrificing femininity. Blow-dry your short hair upward from beneath the give your short hair extra height at the roots. Turn the tips of your short hair up slightly with a round brush and a spritz of hair spray.

The classic Shag haircut for short hair is pure sex appeal with voluptuous curves and flips. A mass of uneven layers and stacked strands adds height to the short hair. Beveled tips have an almost natural predilection for turning upward. A touch of styling cream keeps the locks of short hair in place. A round brush will help mold the pieces of short hair into the desired position.

A chin length 'do works perfectly for either a sleek and simple look or a more flirty style with a flip at the back of the short hair strands. Smooth bangs are kept off to one side slightly and kept in place with a bit of styling gel. Flipped tips at the back are turned upward with a round brush and kept in place with a strong-hold styling wax.

You can go wild with short hair by creating jagged cuts. Opting for an uneven crop that uses jagged, chunky layers to create height and dimension is a modern edgy short hair cut. Beveled ends can be stacked from shorter face-framing locks to lengthier middle section and super-short tresses at the crown. These wildly different lengths create a full and windblown look for short hair . These wildly different lengths create a full and windblown look for short hair that is easily sculpted into wild points. The jagged tufts of short hair are kept in place with a touch of strong-hold styling wax.

You can reverse the typical styling conventions for short hair and keep longer strands at the front of your mane and shorter locks at the back. This bang-heavy style is amazing with weighty sheath of bangs counterbalanced by closely sheared tresses at the back. The jagged tufts at the crown are formed with gel-coated fingertips that pull the short hair into random tufts across the crown.

If your short hair is cut into a bob, there are many popular styling options to choose from. You can soften an angular cut by making the jagged edges feathery. With a round brush, blow-dry short hair away from roots and spray them with a light application of styling spray. This lift will give your short hair added height and a softer appearance at the crown. To keep the tips of your short hair in place, use lightly coated gel fingertips to gently tug strands into place.

Another soft bob look for short hair can be achieved with beveled layers that frame the face. Side swept locks help give short hair some movement and are kept in place with a medium-hold styling gel. A touch of product at the tips helps to keep frizz and flyaway strands under control.

To be demure with your short hair use soft shaggy layers highlighted with soft streaks to create depth and dimension. The combination of color and texture gives this short hair style several different opportunities to look feminine and sweet. Angled side sideburns are kept long, so they aren't too harsh and height at the crown gives the entire short hair style a voluptuous feel.

A wavy bob is both casual and stylish. With a simple center part, decadent waves are kept in check with a touch of styling mousse. An almost bouffant look at the crown is achieved with a volumizing mousse. Applied to damp strands, the mousse is activated when strands are blow-dried from beneath and lifted away at the roots with a round brush. The ends of the short hair are then scrunched upward to seal in that romantic wave.

Get a punk rock-worthy style without actually having to shear your strands into a Mohawk. This wild style is all about volume and staying power. The short hair strands at the crown are swept up and away from the roots into that austere and intimidating look. A strong hold styling wax is used to freeze those short hairs into place and product-coated fingers are used to turn tips up slightly.

Fill your short hair with movement by sweeping your locks forward, in the opposite direction of their natural flow. Use a round brush and some strong-hold styling wax to coerce the front strands up into that zany peak. Use gel-coated fingertips to vigorously tousle razored strands at the sides of the head to give an overall gritty texture to the crop.

An unusual part that crosses horizontally across the crown of short hair creates the starting point for this style. Using a flat paddle brush, smooth strands of your short hair forward. To make sure that the locks stay sleek, press small sections flat using a straightening iron. To finish, spritz with a laminating spray.